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We believe that it is possible to create a better world for everyone.

We are a social business that develops and works on projects of high-impact and scale, contributing to the solution of socio-environmental and economic problems.

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We work to create and develop Advocacy programs, organized strategies that bring about behavioral, political and systemic change.

We do believe in a better world for everyone.

The problems in our society are many.

They are big and complex. 

But they have a solution!


The solution is not simple, nor is it quick or shallow...

É advocacy. It is advocacy. And it is possible.

It is possible to act with courage to face problems head on.

And take responsibility for resolving them.

It is possible to share knowledge to understand these challenges.

And act intelligently to find solutions.

It is possible to articulate them in order to merge diverse interests.

And have the strength to implement the changes.

We know that change takes time.

Which requires effort and commitment.

But the legacy is worth the effort: Because it is broad, deep and long-lasting.


We want – and will – change the game!

Building, together, a better world for everyone.

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Our experience


We put into practice the desire to build a better world, together with our partners.

We collaborate in the creation of effective and viable plans, from beginning to end, so that the results happen.

Indispensable for an effective strategic plan and engagement, the Impacta Intelligence Report makes a detailed mapping of the entire ecosystem and its dynamics. We produce a customized report with analysis and recommendations, risks and opportunities.

For an effective Advocacy Plan, Impacta carries out Advocacy Training Workshops and Co-creation of Strategies to Transfer Knowledge and engage collaborators. Using our own methodology, we develop Impact Goals and its Intermediary Goals necessary to achieve the impact.

Through years of experience in the Brazilian market, we know the sensitive points that lead a Coalition or Private Agreement to succeed or fail. Mapping and Engaging Stakeholders and building a Common Agenda with a well-planned and effective Governance is our expertise.

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We recognize that each crisis is unique, and we work closely with the client to create and customize a Crisis Management plan. Our aim is to mitigate reputational risks, responding quickly to build trust and understanding.


To design strategies in the political arena, it is essential to understand who the influencers, decision makers, allies and opponents are. We help the client to create a well elaborate plan of action with objectives, negotiating points and arguments for successful Government Relations and Effective Political Articulation. We accompany our client at every step of this process.

We have followed some examples of position-taking and support for causes. It is a stance that signals a new zeitgeist for brands and meets society’s growing expectation. We help the company to identify and embrace a cause effectively and legitimately through Branding Advocacy. After all, the feeling of having a purpose is inspiring and motivational for the whole company.

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Institutional Advocacy helps business to align with external social changes. A strategic impact plan will guide your company to make policies change that benefit its employees, consumers, and the whole community.

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