What we do:


Our team has expertise in the production and development of advocacy plans of high impact and scale, which is the result of experience in government, civil society organizations and companies: We've already been there.

We believe in the causes we support and help partners in each planning stage:

From the development of a broad and deep diagnosis, to definition of the objective, achievement of impact measures, choice of the best advocacy opportunities, and implementation of measures of success.


" We work side by side at every step of this journey: Bringing knowledge, strategy and professionalism. Illuminating strong and critical points. Transforming brilliant ideas into great changes that build a better world!

Daniela Castro


How we do it:


We operate on the basis of three pillars, from diagnosis, through the planning of implementation and mentoring.

Intelligence Report

  • Bibliographic Analyses

  • Legal Frameworks

  • Mappings of Public Policies

  • Systemic Maps

  • Stakeholders Maps

  • Maps of Political Power

  • Maps of Challenges and Opportunities

  • Risk Maps

Advocacy Plan

  • Advocacy Training Workshop

  • Transfer of knowledge

  • Co-creation of Estrategies Workshop

  • Impact Goals

  • OKRs

  • GUIDE Methodology for Prioritizing Goals

  • Action Plan

  • Indicadores

  • Internal Structuring



  • Transfer of Knowledge

  • Join Execution

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Situation Room

  • Crisis Management

  • Political Articulation

  • Government Relations

  • Strategic Councelling

  • Lobby

  • Mentoring

Private Agreement

  • Interviews

  • Risk Mapping

  • Common Agenda

  • Rules of Procedure

  • Compliance Mechanisms

  • Governance

  • Implementation

  • Mentoring



  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Common Agenda

  • Political Strategies

  • Governance

  • Implementation

  • Mentoring

Branding Advocacy


  • Definition of cause vs. Mission and Company’s performance

  • Inteligence Report

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Action Plan – long run

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Work areas:


We embrace causes we believe in.

Socio-environmental causes 


Solution for social, environmental, economic and political problems.


Fight against corruption


Political reform



Child and teenager



Public Management

Urban Development


Institutional​ Advocacy

We help companies and institutions to innovate, making internal organizational policy reflect external social transformations and achievements.

With an internal advocacy plan, changes can be made to services and policies that benefit the employees, consumers, the organization itself, the community as a whole, and, therefore, the country.


of goals


Social inclusion